About The Artist


I enrolled in the architecture program at Texas Tech University in 1976, but only spent one year in the program before moving on to complete a degree in Petroleum Engineering. However, the desire to draw, paint and create stayed with me throughout my entire career.

I began painting 40 years ago. First it was the dorm walls, then I started using latex wall paint on home-made bedsheet canvases; landscapes and surrealism. After university, my efforts were more sporadic, and mostly in watercolour. Smaller works were better suited to my mobile lifestyle. It wasn’t until I switched to acrylics around 2005 that my passion for painting was rejuvenated. If you are interested in one of the Available Works, please contact me (beiqueart@gmail.com).

If you would like to commission a painting, know that I try to capture the images, but more importantly the spirit of the material in my works. Please note that all photographs are copyrighted, so if you have a commission request based on a photo, I would need the photographer’s permission to create a painting based on their work.

- Paul