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 As a kid, I liked to doodle and draw. I enrolled in the architecture program at Texas Tech University in 1976, taking courses in drawing, architectural rendering, design, art and architectural history, but eventually moved on to other fields.  However, the desire to draw, paint and create stayed with me throughout my careers in engineering, finance and communications.

I began painting 40 years ago.  First it was the dormitory walls, then I switched to latex wall paint on bedsheet canvases; landscapes and surrealism.  After university, my efforts were more sporadic, and mostly in watercolour. Smaller works better suited my mobile lifestyle.  It wasn’t until I switched to acrylics around 2005 that I returned to painting on a regular basis. 

Though mostly self-taught in my early years, I had the great fortune to learn from one of Ireland’s wonderful artists, the late Henry Blackmore. I’m only beginning to understand. I also benefitted from continuing education courses offered by the Alberta College of Art and Design. 

 If you would like to commission a painting, know that I try to capture the images, but more importantly the spirit of the material in my works. Please note that all photographs are copyrighted, so if you have a commission request based on a photo, I would need the photographer’s permission to create a painting based on their work.

- Paul

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